This is my Time (Everyday)

Music Video
Artist: Saali
Directed by: Michelle Latimer
Produced by: Big Soul Productions for APTN

Raven persuades a mad-scientist to abandon time and leads him on an adventure through the cosmos, toward self-discovery.

When I first listened to Saali’s song, I was struck by the lyrics. I was interested in the idea of time, both as a single moment and as a force that cannot be halted. I like the concept that all humanity is beholden to time, yet, we all possess the free will to choose how we spend the time we have in our lives. Through this music video, I want to convey the idea that we can only find our true place in the universe once we abandon external concepts of time and space. By embracing our inner child, we demand of ourselves to become more present and mindful within a moment. When we are present, there is only that single instant of awareness, a place where time ceases to exist, where we are asked to acknowledge our relationship to the larger universe. The song seems to suggest that this state of being is something to be cherished and celebrated, and I wanted to explore cinematically what that would look like by creating a fantasy world to illustrate these ideas.

Premiered ImagineNATIVE Film & Media Arts Festival, Intl Premiere National Geographic All Roads Festival. Nominated for 2 Yorkton Golden Sheaf Awards – Best Performing Arts Program & Best Aboriginal Program

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